Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Kitchen Garden

Today Room 15: Totara spent the day with Mrs Mourie and Mrs Sinclair at Kitchen Garden.

The class spent part of the day outside painting rocks and pallets to put in and around the garden. 

We also had a chance to do some cooking. We cooked some Zucchini fritters with some ingredients from the school garden. We then got to eat the fritters at morning tea and lunch.

Thank you to Mrs Mourie and Mrs Sinclair for working with us. We really appreciate having some great people to teach us about working in a kitchen and outside in the garden.

To view all of the photo taken from our time at Kitchen Garden please view our video below:


  1. I hear that you did an awesome job in kitchen garden, well done. I believe the zucchini fritters are amazing.

  2. Great work Room 15! I can see you really enjoyed kitchen garden and those fritters sure look devine. :-)

  3. I liked painting and cooking at kitchen garden. I liked the zucchini fritters.