Monday, 9 June 2014

"If I were Queen/King for the day I would..."

Last week for writing we had a focus of 'Queen's Birthday.' We decided to complete the sentence: 
"If I were Queen/King for the day I would..."
Here are some sentences from our writing.

Rylan: have slaves.
TeKapua: have a big celebration.
Keegan: go to Rainbows End and go on the roller-coaster.

Angus: have a huge diamond monster truck.
Ethan: make new rules where you change your wheels to sit on top of your cars and you have to drive upside down.
Chaytah: have a million mansions made of diamonds.
Cameron: drive around in an emerald limo.
Karome: go down to the beach and dig for gold. 
 Hayley: have lots of big dresses made out of gold.
 Isla: a mansion made of gold and full of gold.
Joe: fire the Prime Minister.

Jordan: go to England.
Ashton: have every type of weapon in the world.
Joshua: have junk food and watch movies for two days.
Kaydee: drive around in a gold limo.
Karolin: buy heaps of pets that fill up the whole entire castle.
Milly: go to California.
Manix: have lots of mansions made of gold and diamonds.
Mamaeroa: have lots of candy.
Dorian: make that whole entire world made of candy.
Savannah: have balls/proms every night.
Ria: a make ship of diamonds.

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