Thursday, 6 August 2015

Freaky Flooding: No School Today

No School Today
What is the weather like where you are? 
(Room 15: Totara students try and take some photos of your backyards and we can share them when we are back at school. Email them to Miss Ogle so we can share them in class)

Here are some photos of what we are experiencing at Opunake Primary School today.
Miss Ogle standing in a puddle (approximately 15-20cm deep) 
Miss Ogle had to stand outside and make sure those that didn't get the message were informed about the school being closed.
Miss Ogle's front lawn was a lake when she woke up.
The school field an hour later. Most of the water has disappeared but there is still a lot of flooding.
Megan from Room 4 took these short clips as she tried to make her way to school this morning (6/8/15). Unfortunately they had to turn back to Hawera and are now enjoying an extra day at home staying safe and dry.
Thank you to Megan and Mr Lodge for letting us share this video


  1. Wet wet wet. Our best wishes to the families whose homes have been affected.

  2. Good work Megan it was free wet

  3. Doesn't look nice. Our Weather Is Fine