Thursday, 27 August 2015

Round the Mountain Challenges

Congratulations to Levi and Luke who have completed the Round the Mountain Challenge. They have completed 153 laps(km) in our preparations for cross country. They have run the equivalent of running around Mount Taranaki.

These boys have also reached their goal that they set at the beginning of the term. 
Also congratulations to Caitlin, Caleb, Christian, Dallas, TristanShakshi, Jessica and Sienna who have reached their goals that they set.


  1. Well done to you all.

  2. Awesome job! How long did it take you to finish this? Is this an after school club/sport or is it during PE time?

  3. We have been running each afternoon for 10 minutes. We started this challenge at the beginning of the term (6 weeks ago). This challenge is something we do during our fitness/PE time. Almost everyone has completed their goal. Some people are even onto their second round of the challenge.