Monday, 16 January 2017

Stationery Year 1 and 2

Stationery Year 1 and 2

Students are required to have their stationery for the first day of school. We will basically start formal programmes on day one. Students who do not have stationery make it harder for the teacher because they have to find gear for students to use. Because we don’t carry school stationery we often find it hard to find gear for students to use while we are waiting for them to bring their own. Please help us to help your child get off to a good start by having their stationery on day one.

1x 1J5 or 1H5 (Maths)
2x1I5 (Writing, Reading/Handwriting)
2x 1A5 (Homework, Poetry)
2x red pens
1x Large Glue Stick (Amos/Pritt only)
2x whiteboard pens
3x pencil
1x rubber
1x pencil sharpener
1x Pencil Case to fit stationery in
1x ruler (not flexible)
1x Book bag
Headphone and Stylus can be purchased from school

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