Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The nominations are in...

Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated for the MOA Awards. Room Totara have been very lucky to have eight nominations over seven different categories. 
Our class nominations are:  
Nominated for Best Music Video - Intermediate
Room 15 - Fun, Fun, Fun 
(Whole Class)

Nominated for Best Te Ao Maori - Junior
Christian, Levi, Alex - He aha te tae?

Nominated for Best Graphic Design - Junior
Madison - Said Poster
Tyrone, Alex - Ice and Fire

Nominated for Best Animation - Junior
Dante, Reece, Caitlin - Mana Means PRIDE

Nominated for Best Te Ao Maori - Intermediate
Jessica, Sienna-Nicole - He Aha Te Tae?

Nominated for Best Book Trailer - Intermediate
Levi, Luke - Best Mates

Nominated for Best Teacher ICT
Miss Ogle - Teaching with ICT: Reading Portal

Students will have letters sent home which invite them to the MOA Awards event.

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